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Hello! My name is Ruben Nikoghosyan (Yerevan, Armenia), and I am excited to welcome you to my small, yet ambitious project! I have called my school by the name of the greatest poet of Iran, Ferdowsi of Tus, not by chance. During long years of studying and teaching Persian language and literature, Ferdowsi’s epic masterpiece always inspired me to delve deeper into the treasure-troves of this vast and deep ocean called Persian literature. I have made it a lifetime mission for myself to explore the vast expenses of this ocean of mystery! Do you also want to participate in this blessed quest and drink from the goblet of love and wisdom? I am inviting you to join me in this long yet infinitely enjoyable journey!


  • Academic Excellence: Immerse yourself in courses meticulously designed to meet and exceed academic standards. From the Shahname to the quatrains of Omar Khayyam, we prioritize scholarly principles in every lesson.
  • Explore Iranian Studies: If you are interested in Iranian studies, and want to master the nuances of etymology, grammar, phonetics, and the rich cultural history of Persian literary texts, then this is the right place for you!
  • Affordable Excellence: Stand out with our high-value, affordable Persian online courses. In a landscape where quality courses are but few, we are dedicated to popularizing Classical Persian literature and making it accessible to a broader audience, prioritizing the dissemination of knowledge over profit.
  • Tailored Private Courses: If you are choosing to take a private course, whether on a specific Classical Persian text or simply an beginner course of Modern Persian, we always consider adjusting the course to the individual needs of the student our highest priority.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Are you in Tokyo or in LA? Have a peculiar working schedule? Wondering whether it will be possible to adjust the courses to your timing? Here we will do our maximum to adjust the courses to your individual timetable!
  • Accessible Learning: Experience academic rigor without intimidation. Our courses are crafted to be user-friendly, ensuring that students of all levels can engage seamlessly with the material while maintaining the highest academic standards.
  • All-Inclusive Materials: Say goodbye to hunting for resources. Our instructors provide all the necessary materials for your courses, streamlining your learning experience.
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Upcoming Courses

Introduction to Pahlavi:
Online Summer School of Zoroastrian Middle Persian

July 22nd - August 9th

Past Courses

May 4 - June 22 (Saturdays)

Join us in our adventurous literary journey to the depths of Shahname and enrich your knowledge of Persian culture!

Explore the world of Shahname through its most engaging stories, and learn Persian. 


January 15 - February 7

Unravel the intricacies of Pahlavi language and its script, and start learning Middle Persian in the most enjoyable way.

March 11 – March 15

Read the book of one of the best Persian historians, and have fun learning both the intriguing details of the Ghaznavid court life, and the intricacies of Early Classical Persian grammar and etymology.


Ruben S. Nikoghosyan (Yerevan, Armenia)
Number: +37498513969 (WhatsApp)

Email: nikoghosyanruben@gmail.com